How It Began

Chris Kirkpatrick is credited as the founding member of *NSYNC, whose albums *NSYNC and No Strings Attached sold over 10 million copies each – earning them the prestigious RIAA Diamond Award for both CDs.  He, along with his four other band members, achieved a music industry coup by selling over 56 million records worldwide.  Chris has appeared on countless TV shows, magazine covers, won numerous music awards and performed during the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Since *NSYNC went on hiatus, Chris has gone on to pursue a solo career with his current project Nigels11.  Additionally, since 2002, Chris has also lent his acting and vocal skills to the Nickelodeon cartoon, The Fairly Odd Parents, as the teeth-loving pop star, Chip Skylark.

Perhaps Chris’ proudest achievement has little to do with music and everything to do with sharing his good fortune with those infinitely less fortune than he.  The Chris Kirkpatrick Foundation was established with that very thought in mind.

Chris grew up much like the families that his Foundation now helps.  He was raised by a single young mother, working as hard as she could to take care of 5 children.  They relied on free school lunches, donated clothes and food stamps for him and his 4 siblings to get by.  There were times the family was homeless.  Chris wants to give children who grew up much like he, the hope and courage to follow their dreams.

The foundation allows him to share his successes and dreams with young people while making a contribution to change lives.

One dream at a time…